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Paradise Valley Spring Creeks

  • Armstrong's/O'Hair's Spring Creek
  • DePuy's Spring Creek
  • Nelson's Spring Creek
  • Favorite Stretches: DePuy's has the most variety, Nelson's is the most challenging,
    Armstrong's/O'Hair's is a nice mix of long runs and riffles with plenty of fish
  • Seasons: Year-Round, prime season June through August.
  • Prime Hatches: Pale Morning Duns in late June.

The three Paradise Valley Spring Creeks are an annual favorite of local and traveling anglers and offer challenging fishing in one of the most beautiful valleys in Montana. The creeks are on private ranches that require rod fees for a day of fishing. Rates vary by season, with summer rates being the highest.

DePuy is the longest of the three creeks, then Armstrong/O'Hair at about a mile-and-a-half, and then Nelson with a bit more than a mile of water.

Anglers looking for selective fish in a technical piece of water should try their hand at some of these trout. If the fishing proves too difficult, there is always the backdrop of the snow-capped Absorokas to enthrall the spirit. Call us for more information about fishing any or all of these excellent creeks.